How To Use Z-Shadow To Hack Facebook Account


Hello, friends Before starting this article I am clearing this thing this article is only for education purpose don’t misuse to trap anyone. if you are looking for some best amazing article related to Hack Facebook account online for free 2019 using Z- Shadow. Then you are at right place. If you belong from the developer community then you all heard about Anymore, ZonUrl, Shadowave & Lakemore. These all are facebook phishing tool which is used to hack facebook account without any coding, HTML, XHTML, and php script. With the help of these tools, you can easily access accounts, username or log in details of any user.

So into this article, we are going to tell you one more trick to hack facebook account with the help of Z-Shadow trick. If you are a beginner and you know nothing about it. And still, you want to learn it then you should have to read this article till the end. You will get some amazing information from there. So let talk about Z-shadow.

What is Z-Shadow

If we talk about Z-Shadow then it is a hacking website which provides you Fake Login Page services and with the help of it you can easily hack or access any user login credential in only 5 minutes. So if you are curious to know about how to use Z-shadow to hack a facebook account then keep calm friend we will cover everything step by step you just have to follow complete steps that I am going to tell you. So let talk about some tips to hack facebook account.

Friends you all heard about Phishing. It is a term which is used to trap people into your script to access their username and their password. These are the most popular technique which is used by all guys who do hacking. So into this article, I will tell you how can you create this such kind of phishing page with the help of this Z-shadow trick.

There is some intelligent coder who makes a script with the help of with there coding skills.  But if you don’t know to code and you want to do something which is done by coding then I will recommend you to use this method to hack facebook account. But one of the disadvantages of these Phishing scripts is that it get ban after sharing to some people. So we always look for the best and I am giving you the best method to hack these facebook accounts.

Features About Z-Shadow Trick

Before moving to the steps of Z-Shadow Trick to hack facebook Account. I will recommend you to see its amazing features. It will help you to use Z-shadow more conveniently.

1.Z-Show, give you the best service which is not provided by any website. With the help of this website, you can easily hack any account within 5 minutes.

2. Z-Shadow is very easy to use and one of the best advantages of this website is when you will share it with your friend it will never be blocked. So you can share this link to your all friends.

3. You just have to login into there website and there you will get different kinds of facebook phishing account which will never block on sharing.

4. It is one of the safest ways to access any Facebook login credential. And one more advantage of this is your IP will be never traced with this method.

5. This method is totally different as compare to other phishing script methods. So now we are going to see the complete step by step tutorial of hack facebook account with the help of Z-Shadow trick.

How To Z-Shadow Trick To Hack Facebook Account

Step 1:- Now, First of all, you will have to go to Z-Shadow.Co Website. You have to open your chrome browser and you have to search in your URL bar.

Step 2:- Now You see two option there one is  Sign up and other is login option there you have to click on sign up option after fill all the information.

Step 3:- On the Signup page, you will have to fill all the information over there and click on signup option. If you want to see demo then here we are giving you information about how you should feel the form.

Username:- Into Username, you have to write your name with the upper and lower case letter combination and you also have to add some number with your username. For a hit, you can add your date of birth into your user name.


Password:- Friends password is a thing which you have to select very carefully so you have to make a difficult combination of a password which you can remember. So for a hint, you can try your name and special character @,# and your date of birth into your password.

Confirm Password:- Into Confirm password you have to type retype that password you have typed earlier first.

Email:-  Now Friends here you have to type email id where you want to get all information of this account.

Age:- Into Age Friends you have to write your any age.

Sign up:- Now After fill all the information it’s time to Sign up for your account. After that, your account will be successfully created.

Step 4:- Now your account is ready. Now when you will log in into your you will see some flags in front of you. You can see these flag into the screenshot. So now you have to click on the USA flag.

Step 5:-  Now friends, when you will click on USA flag a fake page of, will appear to you. This is your phishing page to access your victim account.

So This is a way to access any personal account with the help of this trick. You can share this link to unlimited people. It will never ban. You can share these links on social media and on Whatsapp group and ask people to login into these links. You all are thinking that why will they login to our link.

So, friend, you have to give him some greediness which means that you have to say him if you will log in into this account you will get 20 rupees to pay cash into your account. And you can give him 20 rupee cash into his account. And you will get his account. So this one of my best method which I use.

How To watch Victim Password Into Z-Shadow

Now its time to watch password of Victim. So once you have done all the process that I have told you above. Now its time to watch all login details into our account.

  1. So, first of all, you will have to visit
  2. Second Go to Top Menu
  3. There you will have to click on my victim. There you will see your victim details

Last Words

So, guys, this was about Z-Shadow trick to hack facebook account. If you face any kind of problem then you can comment us below. We will solve your problem. I hope you will enjoy this article. Next article, we will bring more amazing stuff for you. So please keep visiting our website.




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