Start Your Blogging Career in 2019

Start Your Blogging Career in 2019:- Hello Friends if you are planning to become a blogger in 2019 or planning to learn to blog. Then you are at right place. In this article, we are going to cover everything in depth and detail that you need to become a successful blogger in your life.  We have analyzed lots of website over the internet and after that, we have collected some important information and that information we will share with you. I take guarantee once you will read this article you will not anything to learn about how to start your blogging career in 2019. This article is especially for those guys who are a beginner to the blog world. So without wasting time let start the journey of blogging in 2019. Before starting the journey of blogging there is some point that you have to consider in your mind to start your career in blogging.

How to start blogging in 2019

Why You Want to become a Blogger

Before Starting Career in Blogging you have to ask your self why you want to become a blogger. Once you will clear this doubt in your mind I promise you will become the master of blogging. So if you love writing and you want to share your knowledge with all people. Then you should start your career in blogging. If you want to grow your career in blogging then you should always choose only those niche in which you are perfect instead of going those in which you can’t even write a single word.

What are benefits of blog

We all human have one nature that is if we don’t see benefit in any work we don’t do that work. So Same thing is with Blog. So there some major benefits that you want to know.

  • It’s the strongest tool to boost your online presence.
  • It helps you to understand more about your passion/interest.
  • You make money by utilizing your skills.
  • You build your online identity and trust.
  • You become an authority in your industry.
  • You make strong relations with your customers.
  • You help the world by writing articles on your blog.
  • You educate people about your products/services.
  • People become your loyal readers which give you a strong recognition worldwide.
  • You become more confident.
  • You have money freedom.
  • You have time freedom.

These are some major benefits of blogging and there are also tons of benefits of blogging in future we will update it.So let start the beginning of how to start your blogging career in 2019.

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Start Your Blogging Career in 2019

So friends now we are going to cover every detail about the journey of blogging. You have to read this post carefully else you won’t able to learn the major parts of blogging. Now if you want to do serious blogging then you have to forget about money. If you are doing blogging just to earn money then please don’t do this. It can spoil your career. If you heard from someone that a person is earning lots of money every month from blogging and i should also start it. Then you are doing biggest mistake of your life. Blogging is not about money. It is about sharing information to the world in which you are perfect. If you can’t do this then blogging is not for you. So if you think you can write on a topic without watching clock a non stop work on a article then blogging is made for you. Let Begin Some serious talk about blogging.

Ask Yourself Do You Really Like Blogging?

I have already told you that blogging is all about passion. If you have passion of something on which you can write then blogging is made for you. So you have to ask yourself do you really like blogging. Because this is the kind of field where you will have to struggle more and more to get success. You will face failure in this world. And if scare to take risk and can not do hard work to get success then blogging is not for you. So you have to decide and make you mind clear do you really want to do some serious blogging.

start your blogging career in 2019
start your blogging career in 2019

Select Your Niche

Once you have decided to start blogging the next step is come in blogging that choosing a niche for blog. Because if you select a wrong niche in which you are not perfect you will get failure and you will be depressed why did i start blogging. So instead of choosing wrong topic to start blogging you have to choose correct niche. Because working on blog take time effort and money and you will defenitly invest your time and money there from where you can get some return. So i am telling you some best topic to start your career in blogging. You can choose these topic according to your interest.



  • Investment
  • Celebrity news & gossips.
  • Current Affairs
  • Music/Songs
  • Movie Reviews
  • Internet Marketing blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Health Reviews blog
  • Skin Care blog
  • Fashion & Make Up Blog
  • Travelling & Tourism
  • Parenting & Mommies blog
  • Home Decor
  • Clothing blog
  • Finance

Select Right Approach To Start Blogging

Once you have decided your niche , it’s time to invest some money to start your blogging career. Some beginner blogger scare to invest money in blogging. And they try with free platform that is But i would say in any business if you don’t invest some money you will never get profit . So in starting invest some money that you can afford and start your blogging career once you see you are growing good and you are getting good response then you can invest more.

Choosing Domain And Hosting Server

If you are begineer then domain and hosting server world will be new for you. Domain name means you have to register you website name over some domain providing companies if you want to show your site to all world.Then you have to register you site so people can see your site and get accees of your blog. Now come to what is hosting server so hosting server is like once you have purchaged your domain and now you have to host your site so people can see it and you have to upload data means like when you will write article on you site then you will upload some file like photo, video etc to handle these file you need hosting. Now let talk about from where to buy it. If you are planning to buy domain and hosting server then there is tons of website from there you can buy domain name and hosting. These websites are :-

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostgattor
  3. Hostkarle

Choose Platform To Start

Once you got your domain name and hosting server now you have to decide which platform you need to start blogging. There are basically 2 platform one and other is WordPress. They both have their own benefits. If you are begineer if you are planning to start blogging then i will suggest you to go with WordPress. WordPress give you power to start your blogging fast and it give some amazing tool to get amazing traffic. And if we talk about some security features then WordPress is much better then blogger. So as a begineer you should always go with WordPress.

Plan to Write Content

After Selecting Platform now thing that come is make a proper plan to write your content. According to your Niche Do some Research and development on that topic over internet.See some blogging what are they writing about it. You have to look what people are searching about that topics. Find out what other blogger are not doing in their blog and you can implement that thing in your blog. So Always make a plan and work according to that plan for 3-4 month and see if you getting some good response then continue with it and it is not working then do some changes in your strategy.

Write Article

Here the big topic is come that is write an article on topic. Friend if you want to be successful blogger then you have to focus on your content. Because your content is your king. Without content your site is nothing. So if you are writing a post then write every detail about that topic that people want to known. This thing will help you to grow in search engine. And it will help you to beat your competitor in ranking. So always try to write big and genuine article that people want to know. Write article up to the point.

creating good content

Do Seo

Once you write your post the next thing is come in your blogging is SEO. If you are a beginner and you want to know what is seo you can visit to this link. Seo stands for search engine optimization. When you write your article you have to do on page Seo and after write article you have to do off page seo. In upcoming article we will teach you all about seo. Seo help you rank your site in google search result.

Last Words

So friends this was all about how to start blogging in 2019. I hope you will like this article and it will help you to boost your career in blogging. In Future we will add more stuff in this post. So Please Keep Visit our site for Become a successful blogger.