How To Check Your Computer Has Virus or Not?

How To Check Your Computer Has Virus or Not?

If you have just bought a new computer or laptop. And if you are using some application that has used crack or patch file to run that application. Then it may be possible your computer could have a virus or malware. If you see anything suspicious in your computer or laptop, it is a symptom of malware or a virus. It is not necessary if you will use a cracked or patched application so malware will come into your computer. There is also another possibility to come virus into your computer. And that is your internet. There are tons of websites that give you information about the security.

Yes, Friends, when you visit some website that is related to gaming or software downloads. They contain some script with the download file. And once you download it. It will automatically install on your computer. The virus was a decade ago only a prank thing that was used lots of memory of your computer.

But nowadays it has been using for illegal work. It can be used to steal your credit card information or maybe to get your personal file. These applications run into the background of your computer. And you will never ever get any idea about it. So if you really want to know how to identify this virus into your computer. Then read this article till the end.

How To Check Your Computer Has Virus or Not?
How To Check Your Computer Has Virus or Not?

How To Check Your Computer Has a Virus or Not?

Guys, if you are window 10 user, then you can quickly check your computer and your laptop for viruses and malware. But if you are using another version of Windows like Windows 7, then you will have to do some extra work to find out computer malware and virus. So first of all, guys, if you are a window 10 user, then you will have to open your task manager. If you don’t know how to begin it, then right-click on your task menu. And there you will see an option of taskbar open it.

Here you will find a lot of programs that are using your memory and CPU. Some plans are an application that is installed by you, and some form is run by the window itself. So now, you have to identify which one is malware. So for that, you have to check which app is taking more resources and more memory. If you find it and it is your proper application, and you are confused with it.

Then you have right-clicked on it, and you will find an online search option. This option is not available in Windows 7, so they will have to do a manual search. So when you search that application on the internet and if you find anything in text like malware, then you should have to uninstall that application. And you can check all apps like this way to identify your computer virus or malware.

How To Protect Computer From Malware

Guys, if you want to protect your computer from malware, then you should have to update your computer window at regular times. If you use a window 10 operating system, then you don’t need to download any anti-virus software. Because window 10 has there owned defender application. That helps to protect your window from malware or any kind of virus.

But if you are window 7 user, then you have to buy or download an anti-malware scanner. In a free version, you can scan your entire computer to look out malware. And delete it from your computer. But in the paid version, it will automatically run into your background. That helps you to protect your system.

So that’s it, guys. I hope you have found some informational information from there. If you have any questions and queries. Then you can ask from us into the comment section. There are more articles related to the computer, technology, and blogging. If you want to read that information then you can visit our website.

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