How To Change Date Of Birth On Facebook

facebook date of birh

How To Change Date Of Birth On Facebook:-  Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how can you change the date of birth on Facebook. We all know that Facebook is the biggest social networking platform. Where people chat with each other. You will have lots of friends on facebook. And there is every day you see lots of birthday notification in your facebook id. And you wish happy birthday that guy who has a birthday on that day. So friends if you want to change your birthday and don’t want to share your original birthday date. And you want to make fool your friend. So this is a possible dude.

You can him fool by changing your date of birth on Facebook. You just have to follow some steps and your birthday will be changed and you can easily make fool your friend. You can make fool your friends, cousins and even your girlfriend. Isn’t it a cool idea to make fool. I think yes it is. Making fool to your friends is always give you happiness on your face. Special when they are very close to you.

It could be possible most of you already aware of this but it is for those guys who are a beginner and want to change and make some fun with their friends and cousins then you should read this article. So without wasting time let go to our Facebook section. I hope it will help you make fun with your friends.

How To Change Date Of Birth On Facebook

Be careful friends now Facebook has become more strict. I hope you have verified your facebook to do this. Because Facebook allows only a limited number of changes in your date of birth on Facebook. So I hope you know about that. if you did not have an idea about it then don’t worry I have informed you. Now let move to our facebook id to change the date of birth. 

There are a few steps that you need to follow to change your facebook date of birth.

1. Open your facebook account that date of birth you want to change.

2. You facebook id must be verified by Facebook.

3. Now you have to open your profile.

4. After open profile, you have to go to about section. There you will see the change contact option. You have to visit there. if you don’t understand you

facebook date of birth change

5. Now you have to click on the edit button in front of the date of birth.

6. Now change the date of birth and that you want to show in your Facebook account.  friends now you don’t need to do anything your facebook date of birth will be changed.

Last Words

That it friends this was all about your how to change your facebook date of birth. I hope you will like this article. And it will help you to make fool your friend. If you want to read more article then you can visit our site. For the latest update, keep visiting our site you will get some amazing article over there.



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