What Is Difference Between Javascript and Jquery |Difference Between Jquery and Javascript

difference between javascript and jquery
difference between javascript and jquery

Difference Between Jquery and Javascript:- Hello friends if you are a web developer then one question that will always come in your mind is what is the difference between  Javascript and Jquery. So in this article, we are going to solve your query related to this question. Most people say javascript and jquery both are similar they are used for front-end development. And they say mostly we use jquery for in our site for animation and gaming purpose. If you also think that then you are on wrong track. Today we will tell how they both work in different-different fields. Some People say that they hate javascript because they have to write lots of code into javascript. But they say they love jquery because they don’t have to write too much code for logic. But you have to understand without javascript you can not do anything. Because your jquery is the library of javascript. And as now time is moving with trending technology javascript is demanding in these days. So if you are new at coding and you want to learn programming language then I will recommend you to learn javascript it will help you boost your career in the web development industry. So to remove the confusion of Difference Between Jquery and Javascript first we will cover javascript topic what is it and then we will move to jquery. And in the end, We will see its difference Javascript and Jquery.If you are looking for another famous programming language python then visit python Training in Pune

What is javascript

Look friends every site and every guy will have their own definition about What is Javascript?. We have analyzed several sites on the internet and found some good resources about the javascript. So Javascript is a High-Level Programming Language. If we talk about high-level language then it means a code which is translated from machine level language to human readable language. Javascript is an Interpreted language which means it does not need any intermediator to compile your program. Once you will write your code it will compile directly without any compiler.

If you have seen in some other programming language that you need a compiler to compile your program for example in java once you write your code first it will translate in intermediate code and after that, it will convert int object code. But it does not happen in the case of Javascript. In other programming languages you have seen there are some data type of their value means if you put some numeric value then you have to write int and then value. But in the case of javascript, you don’t need to write these things. Some people have confusion in their mind that java and javascript are the same languages. But it is not true. Java is a backend programming language and javascript is a front-end programming language.

difference between javascript and jquery
difference between javascript and jquery

History of Javascript

If we talk about the history of javascript the first edition of javascript came in 1995. It was created by Brenden Eich. He made this programming language in only 10 days. In starting days javascript real name was not javascript. Its real name was mocha after few times the marketer of this company has decided that Java is in the trending on that time so with marketing strategy they gave a new name to this language that was javascript.

Why We Use Javascript

There are some points that are the reason behind the using of javascript. And this will clear your all doubt about using javascript and why you should use it.

  • We all know that javascript is most used language in web pages and all browser are compatible with it.
  • You can use javascript in web pages to all functionality on our web page. We use it for form validation in our web pages. If you have seen when you fill your form in a web page and if you miss anything it gives you a message on the same time that you have missed something over there. All this is possible only with javascript.
  • It also helps you to fetch data from the server. The biggest example of that is google search console where people write some query and in the search result, they show some suggestion in that. This is all possible only with javascript.

Now we have discussed enough javascript now we will cover some about Jquery and after that will move to our main topic difference between javascript and jquery code.

What is Jquery

Jquery is a part of javascript. It is one of the famous libraries of javascript. If you have a heard about it then itis basically used for animation. The main use of jquery is it is mainly used of animation purpose. If you are looking for jquery then you can download it from its main website and you can use this in your web page by downloading its package and if you want to use its CDN(content delivery network) then you can use by just copy-pasting it from its main site.

Now We Will See Some Major difference between javascript and jquery

Difference Between Javascript And Jquery

Javascript is a complete programming language.Jquery is a library of javascript.
You have can not make animation in javascriptYou can animation by using jquery code.
Javascript never communicate with server to fatch dataIn jquery we can directly contact with server to fetch data
In java script you have to write lots of code.
java script code without jquery
var container = document.getElementById('container');
In jquery you don't need to write too much code. It's function is already defiend in javascript library you just into write the function name and your work is done.Javascript code with Jquery
var container = $("#container");
Because you have to write too much code in javascript so your website will be slow downHere you have to write less code which means your website will be load fast as compare to other.
It can not manipulate button and other objects.It can manipulate button and other objects.

Last Words

So friends this is all about what is the difference between javascript and jquery. I hope you like this post and it will help you to solve your confusion between javascript and jquery. If you find anything that you think I should add to this post then please let me known it will add to this. In the upcoming future will add more information about javascript and jquery in this post. Till then keep visiting our site and grow your knowledge.



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