About me

Hello, friends, my name is Gaurav Saini. I am a web developer. I have done my b.tech in computer science from Guru Jambheshwar University Hisar. I love to learn new techniques and share it with everyone. After learning technology and skills I thought I should share my skills and knowledge with you guys. So I made this website whose name is beblogger.com .  According to the name of the website the main motive of this website is to teach you everything about blogging. Basically, my main motive will be here to teach all the latest web technology and web development tutorials. But i started also blogging so I will share everything that I known related to the blogging. We will discuss everything related to the blogging. We will learn Google blogger |how to make a free website from blogger|how to get the best theme for blogger, how can we customize blogger theme and much more stuff related to the blogger. Next, we will learn about world one of best blogger platform that is WordPress. We will learn everything related to WordPress like how to make a website on WordPress, how to customize website on WordPress, best theme related to WordPress, how to make any kind of WordPress site. I will also share you all latest technology update what are going into tech industry.  Every day I will share news related to the latest tech giant companies like Google, Facebook.  We will share all tips and tricks related to computer mobile laptops. We will try to solve every query given by you in comments. We will try to give our best on our site. We will one of a hot topic in this day that is Digital marketing and Seo. We will learn everything related to seo and will go deep inside share all secret of SEO and digital marking. And this is also hot topic and it will never end that is how can i earn money one this is the question of every youngster in these days who is studying in school or college. We will guide you to earn a good money from online. As I told you earlier you I am a web developer so i will teach you web design, front-end and backend technologies related to web development. So guys keep support me and i will give my 100% to you in return I just need support from you that is just share everything that i share with you.